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RSVP XX: 'Kinship/Being Frank'

Tuesday and Thursday, June 2 and 4, 2015
8 p.m., Pavilion
, Performing Arts Center

The Cal Poly Music Department student production ensemble RSVP will stage two performances of "RSVP XX: Kinship/Being Frank."

This marks the 20th season of the transmedia series that celebrates electroacoustic diversity and compositional risk. Transmedia refers to storytelling in the digital age, weaving together separate plot threads through traditional and new media outlets.

Inspired by biological diversity, the striking beauty of the natural environment, and the worrisome trajectory of humankind's use and misuse of them, this year's production will take the audience on a visual, sonic, introspective and multicultural tour of humankind's relationship to its world, creation, the transcendent and the mundane. 

"This year's production is like a musical suite with six distinct movements, all with some element of dance included," said Antonio G. Barata, artistic director of the RSVP concert series. "The show exhibits a wide variety of musical styles and genres, including performances by Polyrhythms, Cal Poly's percussion ensemble, under the direction of faculty member John Astaire. The background material for the show is taken from scientific, theological and spiritual traditions. It has been a grand undertaking to bring together a collective statement about humankind's kinship with creation."

The music, lyrics, stage design, and acting combine the creativity of students in Barata's Sound Design and Introduction to Music Theory classes. The dance and choreography are coordinated and directed by Diana Stanton, a Theatre & Dance Department faculty member.

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