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RSVPCal Poly's RSVP XXII - Wine: A Whimsical Commentary

Tuesday and Thursday, May 30 and June 1, 2017
8 p.m., Pavilion
, Performing Arts Center

This marks the 22nd season of this diverse transmedia series celebrating electroacoustic diversity and compositional risk. At once a celebration and lampooning of wine and wine culture, this year’s production includes humor, dance, musical parody, and a refined palette for all things viniferous. RSVP breaks new ground, or "terroir," looking at everything from winery tasting room antics to varietals, from wine appreciation to wine snobbery, from the Central Coast's viticulture to the many wine producing regions of the world and their star vintages. Come, and drink in the fun!

Tickets to May 30 ($14)

Tickets to June 1($14)

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