Alumni Update

Keep in touch with your fellow alumni!

Eugene Mehlschau

Eugene Mehlschau (Field Crops, '56) played piano in the Collegians 1952-56,for school dances, Glee Club when needed and high school spring tours. He currently plays piano at the Nipomo Community Presbyterian Church.

Mario Ojeda

Mario Ojeda (Music, '16) was recently hired as a violin teacher for an elementary charter school in San Diego. He will be working with students ages 5 through 12 and will eventually be teaching them the violin in small groups once they have learned basic music reading skills. He is very excited for this new opportunity to expand his teaching skills and to help inspire young musicians. He continues to perform with Opera San Luis Obispo, Orchestra Novo, the Santa Maria Philharmonic and Lompoc Pops Orchestra. He has also been working on audition repertoire for orchestral auditions. His most recent audition was with the San Francisco Opera.

Matlyn Peracca

Matlyn Peracca (Music, '13) has been living in the Bay Area, both teaching and continuing her own studies. In 2014, she trained to become a ballroom dance instructor, and competed professionally in San Francisco the same year. This past June, she completed a Master of Arts degree in music theory from Cal State East Bay, and is applying to doctoral programs for fall 2018. She currently teaches piano to over 30 students, and in her free time, still enjoys learning new piano pieces and writing. She has recently fallen in love with traveling, and was fortunate to be able to spend a few weeks in Italy and France this summer.

Alexis Rubell

Alexis Rubell (Music, '15) recently earned a teaching credential in music and was hired as a full-time teacher at both Edgewood Middle School and Edgewood High School in West Covina. She is responsible for teaching two middle school choirs, two high school choirs and one general music class for middle school students. She is working to rebuild and renew the choir program and hopes to create a competitive show choir. She will also be the music director for the school’s musical, “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” She has wanted to be a choir director since she was in the 9th grade, so this position has been a complete dream come true. Her students consistently impress her with their willingness to try new things and to sing loud and proud.

Lauren Wasynczuk

Lauren Wasynczuk (Music, '12) was one of seven winners of the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) Conducting Fellowship for 2017-18. The announcement was made Oct. 18. She and the other candidates will continue to work alongside the MISO staff and Maestro Eduardo Marturet throughout the season. One of the participants will be chosen MISO Conducting Fellow for 2018-19. Wasynczuk serves as artistic director and director of ensembles of the Young Musicians Foundation’s Teaching Artist Program in Los Angeles which provides access to high quality music education to over 1,400 underserved pre-K-12 youth.