Renovation Redux: Room 216

On the heels of the renovation of Room 218 in the Davidson Music Center last year, Room 216, our instrumental rehearsal room, was renovated in September. Director of Bands Andrew McMahan proposed the much-needed project and followed it through to the end. Dave Norton of Facilities and Music Department Technician Benjamin Reveley — along with campus carpenters, painters, electricians, locksmiths and custodians — did excellent work over summer. Not only does it look fantastic, but it was also finished on time. W. Terrence Spiller and Druci Reese facilitated the allocation of funds necessary for the project. Fortunately the work wasn't as involved as that for Room 218, since it is not used as a recital space. The work included the following: installation of basic smart room functionality, blackboards replaced with whiteboards, replacement of the curtains, professional cleaning and painting of the ceiling, overall painting, installation of new flooring, new wall paneling, installation of lockers along the right wall for storage of large instruments, and installation of storage units along the left wall for sheet music libraries. It’s a much nicer rehearsal space for our jazz bands, wind bands, symphony orchestra, chamber groups and others. McMahan put together a 90-second video showcasing several before and after photos of the room.