In Memoriam

Roy GerstenRoy Gersten

Roy Gersten, , part of Cal Poly’s rich history, passed away on May 29. He was Cal Poly's director of business affairs for Associated Students beginning in 1966 and then director of the Julian A. McPhee University Union. Gersten had an extensive and distinguished career in the U.S. Army; he served in World War II and continued his service at the highest level, ultimately serving in the White House with Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy in the area of communications. A former French horn player, he loved music. In retirement, he and his wife, Jane, could always be found in attendance at Cal Poly and community concerts. His philanthropy is legendary, and the department is extremely grateful for the generous gift he left the Music Department in support of the Cal Poly Symphony.



Roger PhillipRoger M. Phillip

Roger M. Phillip, lead audio engineer for the Performing Arts Center — and a long-standing friend of the Music Department — passed away on July 18 following a brief battle with cancer. He was responsible for the sound for countless Music Department performances, and he always worked tirelessly and cheerfully to make the on-stage experience for department students, faculty and guests as rewarding and fulfilling as possible. He was always a voice of good-humored reason in the pressured world of performance. His work and his gracious, supportive presence helped us perform to the best of our abilities. The department will always be grateful for all that Roger did for us.