Letter to Students Interested in Sound Design

Dear New Cal Poly Student:

I want to thank you for expressing interest in the music technologies, sound design, or composition courses at Cal Poly. The Music Department maintains courses in both the traditional and innovative aspects of music theory and composition.  A series of music theory courses leads students through the traditional analytical tools for studying composition.  Another track of courses in sound design techniques prepares students for creative work in the music technologies, such as electroacoustic composition, recording, and theatrical sound design. 

Your involvement in the field of sound design or composition will be exciting! The Music Department offers students the opportunity to work in the Sound Design Studio which is equipped for synthesis, digital signal processing, sound recording, and creative development. The department also provides hands-on learning in recording by giving students the opportunity to record department ensembles in concert. The Sound Design program produces recordings of student works, presents multi-media concerts of student compositions, and advocates interdisciplinary creative projects. The Music Department always attracts a wide variety of guest lecturers and presents an enormous number of concerts, master classes and recitals. In addition, Cal Poly's many academic strengths afford opportunities to take classes in programs related to the sound technologies in Computer Science, Theatre and Dance, and Art and Design, to name a few. 

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. I look forward to greeting you in person and seeing you in our classes. Please stop by when you arrive on campus. And, congratulations on your acceptance!


Dr. Antonio G. Barata, Sound Design & Composition Coordinator
Office: (805) 756-2664
Message: (805) 756-2406
Fax: (805) 756-7464
E-mail: abarata@calpoly.edu