2012 Fall Newsletter

Alumni Update

Keep in touch with your fellow alumni!


Rev. Carl G. Harkins, Jr.

(1986 Architecture, 1980-81 Marching Band, 1981-84 Men’s Chorus) Current musical activities are primarily driving the children to piano lessons! Eileen and I celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary in August. Our four children are our blessing and gifts.

Robert “Bob” S. Mastin

(Agricultural Science, 1995-2004 University Singers, PolyPhonics, Choir Tour to France, Men’s Barbershop Octet, 1998-2004 Choir Treasurer, 1998-2004 Choir Apparel Manager) I left California in 2007 to follow my wife’s job in Phoenix, Ariz. Then to Lincoln, Calif., in 2009. In May 2009 I had acute bilateral renal failure, and am presently on kidney dialysis. We live in Grover Beach on property we were able to help our son purchase. I am working to regain my voice and am scheduled to sing a solo in church on December 8.

S. Richard Mitsuoka

(1973 Architecture, 1969-73 Marching and Symphonic Bands, 1970-73 Trombone Section Leader, Designer of the first Cal Poly band button) I am no longer playing, but have been involved over the years with swing bands, orchestras, and churches, plus the Band X, “the world’s largest non-marching marching band.” Professionally I have been working in the architectural field.

Robert “Bob” Nichol

(1968 Electronic Engineering, 1964-68 Men’s Glee, Music Club, two-year chairman of Music Board of Control) I’ve officially retired, but continue to work in the moving picture business doing restoration and access preservation of small-gauge motion picture films (less than 35mm), videotape and sound recordings. After a long career in engineering, naval architecture, oil and gas, pulp and paper, and petrochemicals, I retired and moved to my current residence in Tucson, Ariz. My only participation now in music is as a passive listener. I have some recordings and movies of Men’s Glee concerts and California tours from 1964-68. Alumni are welcome to contact me if there is interest in copies.

Clarence Rail

(1952 Agricultural Engineering, 1948-52 Men’s Glee Club, Majors and Minors) The day I registered in September of 1948, there was a table manned by the Men’s Glee Club asking students to come sing with them. At the time there was no Music Department, but you could get one credit for Glee Club. I tried out and was accepted. I then got a chance to try out for the Majors and Minors, 12 guys who sang barbershop songs dressed in white shirts with black arm bands and handlebar glue-on mustaches. Harold P. Davidson was the director. I would never have graduated from college if it hadn’t been for the Glee Club and Majors and Minors. I am still singing barbershop with the Pride of Iowa Chorus and singing in our church choir. I was working my way through college with no support other than what I could make doing yard work and ditch digging at 50 cents per hour. It was difficult.

Greg Wolf

(1987 Business, 1982-87 Men’s Chorus) Still playing a little guitar and singing. Mostly passed on the gene to my sons. My eldest is getting ready for college and wants to pursue music professionally. He is in Nashville, Tenn., checking out schools.