2012 Fall Newsletter

In Memoriam: Barbara Mori

Cal Poly Professor Emeritus of sociology Barbara Mori — a longtime friend of the Music Department — died on Feb. 12, 2012, following a valiant battle with leukemia and having lived with a transplanted kidney for 23 years. After years of regular attendance at departmental performances, in 2009 she joined the Cal Poly Arab Music Ensemble, which she saw as a unique and important voice on campus as well as an opportunity to enjoy participation in vocal music performance.

Singing in the ensemble choir was a delight for her as well as an activity that she continued even into her final weeks. Mori kindly mentioned the Arab Music Ensemble in her will for the benefit of the students who seek to deepen their understanding of music and culture across the world. As we continue to miss Mori as a professor, colleague and friend, we may remember her as ever happy to deepen her awareness of the richly diverse world to which she dedicated her educational talents and as always able somehow to shed further light upon it.