Quarterly FAQ

Welcome to fall quarter 2023

When is the last day to add or drop a class, and what are other deadlines for this quarter?

Monday, Oct. 2. This and other important dates are included in the Registrar's Fall 2023 Planning Calendar:

September 21 Thursday

Fall 2023 Classes begin

  • Students can continue to enroll in open classes or add themselves to waitlists without permission numbers.
  • Waitlist process runs twice a day (morning and noon) to enroll students from waitlists if seats open up.
September 26 Tuesday
  • Last day to enroll in open classes without a permission number.
  • Waitlist process runs for the last time in the evening.
September 27 - Oct 2 Wednesday - Monday
  • Students can enroll only with a permission number.
  • Student Center closes for maintenance on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m.
October 2 Monday


  • Last day to add or swap a class with a permission number via Student Center.
  • Last day to drop classes and change CR/NC grading option.
  • Last day to submit Audit (course) Petition to the Office of the Registrar (5:00 p.m.).
  • Last day to log in and adjust your Degree Planner to ensure that your planned courses are included in course demand data.*
    • *Degree Planner compliance enforcement has been suspended. Failing to log into Degree Planner before this date will NOT result in a delayed registration appointment.
October 3 Tuesday Late Enrollment Appeal period begins. See late enrollment form
October 9 Monday Deadline: Last day to submit Late Enrollment Appeal (5:00 p.m.).
October 19 Thursday Class Schedule for Winter 2024 is available in Scheduler Builder and Class Search
November 10 Friday Academic Holiday - Veterans Day. Campus closed.
November 17 Friday


  • Twenty percent of instruction remaining.
  • Last day to withdraw from course(s) or term for serious and compelling reason (5:00 p.m.). More information about withdraws.
November 20 - 24 Monday - Friday Academic Holiday - Fall Break. Campus closed Thursday/Friday.
December 8 Friday


  • Last day of instruction.
  • Last day to withdraw from course(s) or term for emergency reason (5:00 p.m.) More information about withdraws
  • Last day to submit paperwork for Cal Poly coursework (substitutions, concentration declarations, ICS statements, etc.) and transcripts (from other colleges) in order to affect Academic Progress level for Spring and Summer 2024 registration (received in the Office of the Registrar by 5:00 p.m.). Forms for coursework changes
December 9, December 11-15 Saturday, Monday - Friday Fall 2023 Final Exams
December 22 Friday

All grades finalized

(GPAs and repeat courses processed)

How do I crash a MU course?

  • Course enrollment caps will stay the same! As always, it is up to instructors to enroll additional students. It's advisable to email the course instructor.
  • Waitlists continue to function the same. Up until day four of the quarter when a student drops, a new student is automatically enrolled from the waitlist.

Can I take a class Credit/No Credit (CR/NC)?

As stated on the Registrar's website, music majors cannot select CR/NC in major or support courses. However, students can take four units of a major elective or GE courses as CR/NC. Students have until the last day of classes to change their grading basis to CR/NC from letter grade or vice versa.

Do I need to take a jury this quarter?

Anyone who didn't pass their jury spring quarter must do one fall quarter. Forms must be turned in by the 5th week of the quarter, Oct. 23. Reminders will be emailed.

Exception: Those who have already passed their MU 250 jury, but haven’t passed subsequent juries, can wait until spring quarter to perform their next jury, unless they choose to do one earlier. Also, anyone who wants to perform a jury to move to the next level early should consult with their applied teacher and turn in a form by the same deadline.

Do I need to pay the Music Use Fee?

Instruments, lockers and practice room reservations are available by paying a $20 quarterly use fee. If you have been approved for an instrument and need to pay the fee for it this quarter, follow these instructions:

Pay the $20 Music Use Fee online through the My Cal Poly Portal. Select the “Money Matters” tab, click on “Make a Payment Now” and go to “Music Fees”. There is a 2.75% convenience fee for credit vs. debit. A receipt will be emailed to you which you need to forward to music@calpoly.edu. Instrument check-outs will be handled through the instrumental ensemble instructor and Benjamin Reveley, the department technician.

Do I need to take the Mid-point Examination this year?

A meeting will be scheduled early in winter quarter for all those taking the mid-point examination in the spring. Includes students who started Cal Poly as first-time students in fall 2022; transfer students who started in fall 2023; and generally internal transfers who became music majors 2022-23. The exam is scheduled for end of spring quarter 2024, usually the Saturday before finals week.

Want to know more about Senior Project?

Read about senior projects in the Student Handbook and contact Senior Project Coordinator Alyson McLamore.

Planning your schedule for next year?

We have updated the Projected Course Schedule to reflect the courses we are offering this academic year, as well as future years. Please note the schedule is subject to change, so check back often.

Need someone to talk to?

The SLO Counseling Service at Cal Poly offers short-term counseling and consultation. Please call 805-756-1532 for an appointment.