Forms, Handbooks and Checklists


Music Department Handbook

The handbook is an essential resource for current and prospective students.


Tips for completing PDF forms: to open in Acrobat Reader or Preview, option-click on the PDF link to download the file, then open in the preferred app.

    Sign in Acrobat or Preview
    • Select "Fill and Sign" in Acrobat
    • In either app, click on the pen symbol above the top of the document
    • Type in your name as prompted in Acrobat, or click on the "sign" icon in Preview
    • Drag and drop the signature box that appears over the student signature line
    • Save the file as a different name by adding your intials, like so: form-name-your-initials.pdf. Once the form is signed, it can't be edited, which is why the original should be saved
    • Email the signed file as appropriate