Senior Project

The Senior Project (3-units) is a graduation requirement for all Cal Poly students, regardless of their major. In Music, the project can take the form of a recital, composition, research project, or some combination of these. The Music Department requires that a descriptive essay be part of the project. For example, in the case of the senior recital, the student is expected to write program notes. A composition project should include an essay describing the particular compositional method used in the creative process. In certain cases, the student will be expected to enroll in a Special Problems (MU 400, 1-unit) course with their advisor, or other designated faculty member, who will oversee this aspect of the project. The Senior Project and the Special Problems course (if applicable) will receive separate grades.

A pre-recital will be scheduled by the faculty 4-6 weeks prior to the proposed senior recital date (for students performing a recital). Students will be required to bring 3 copies of their printed program (with the order and titles of their performance pieces) to their pre-recital. Students will also be asked to bring a copy of their music scores to the pre-recital for use by the pre-recital faculty committee. Additionally, the program notes advisor will send the Senior Recital Coordinator a copy of the finalized program notes PRIOR TO the pre-recital, who will in turn forward to members of the pre-recital committee.

In order to perform a senior recital, a student must have passed to the MU 350 level jury and is expected to enroll in MU 461 (Senior Project) during the quarter immediately prior to the recital. Any student performing a senior recital must be enrolled in applied lessons the quarter they plan on performing their recital. Furthermore, a student must be current in the area of Concert Attendance in order to enroll in MU 461. The accompanist's fee, and associated expenses related to the Senior Recital, are the student's responsibility. Fees are due on the Monday after the pre-recital.

The Senior Project must be developed in consultation with the student’s advisor and approved by the department before it is begun and before enrollment in MU 461 will be permitted.

See the Music Department Office and the Senior Project Expectations and Guidelines (PDF) for additional information and forms to initiate a Senior Project and for information regarding submitting the completed Senior Project to the University Library.

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