Letter to Students Interested in Opera Theatre

Dear New Cal Poly Student:

Thank you for your interest in Cal Poly Student Opera Theater (CPSOT)!

Throughout the year, Cal Poly students interested in singing have ample opportunity to practice performance technique within the Music Department. Through our weekly Vocal Practicum class, studio classes, quarterly master classes, symphonic solo competitions, choral solos, and more, our singers are in front of an audience, honing their craft several times per quarter. One of the most memorable and enriching experiences is our yearly CPSOT production.

Every year our vocalists go onstage to produce fully staged and costumed productions of complete shows or scene showcases with small ensemble orchestra.┬áIt is our goal to provide students with a true Learn by Doing experience, embodying another character, place, and time, while utilizing their vocal instrument to tell a story to our committed audience members. Our shows range in genre from traditional opera to classic musical theater, from operetta to cabaret. We incorporate as many student singers as possible, creating a full cast and cohort of student performers, where camaraderie is high and where principal and ensemble acting exponentially foster the development of each student’s individual voice.

Our CPSOT program instills the confidence and work ethic required for any career path after college, whether you will be center stage, on the podium directing ensembles, in front of a classroom or even in the corporate world. For many students (and for the voice faculty) our CPSOT production becomes one of our favorite events of the year. We hope you will join us!

You can email me with any questions, and we look forward to working with you!

Best wishes,

Amy Goymerac, 2021 Producer