Performance Groups and Ensembles

All ensembles and performing groups are open to the general student depending on the individual’s level of performance and musicianship. The department owns a large collection of instruments which are available for use by students for a modest quarterly fee.

Participation in department ensembles is a requirement of the degree program. Students must arrange their schedules in order to enroll in the ensemble to which they are assigned by their advisor. Under no circumstances is a work schedule an acceptable excuse to seek a waiver of this rule or to miss regularly scheduled rehearsals or performances of an ensemble. This is a departmental policy; for each performing ensemble within the department, additional policies may apply. Music majors must enroll in an ensemble associated with their applied study area. A "Petition for Exceptional Consideration" form must be completed if a major wants to perform in an ensemble not related to their performance area. If the Petition is approved, that student will be required to perform on a master class and/or student recital (solo) that quarter on their applied instrument.
Pianists must perform in an ensemble each quarter either through participation in one of the approved department ensembles or through assigned chamber music, accompanying, and activities administered by the Piano Ensemble class.

Music Major Requirements for Participation in Ensembles

  • All music majors must be enrolled in an ensemble every quarter.
  • All music majors enrolled in applied lessons must be enrolled in an ensemble.
  • 9 units of ensemble are required for graduation.
  • Each music major should expect to participate in one or more of the music organizations listed below each quarter.
  • For purposes of graduation, a minimum of 9 units (6 units for all transfers) must be taken from the following list of ensembles: (♦ small ensembles - must be enrolled in ◊large ensemble to participate in a small ensemble)
    • Arab Music Ensemble
    • ♦ Brass Ensemble
    • ♦ Cello Ensemble
    • ♦ Chamber Ensemble
    • ♦ Chamber Orchestra
    • ♦ Chamber Winds
    • ◊ Chamber Choir (Vocal/Instrumental)
    • Guitar Ensemble
    • ♦ Horn Ensemble
    • ♦ Percussion Ensemble
    • Piano Ensemble/Accompanying
    • ◊ PolyPhonics
    • ♦ Saxophone Ensemble
    • ♦ String Ensemble
    • ◊ Symphony
    • ♦ Trombone Choir
    • ◊ University Jazz Band
    • ◊ University Singers
    • ◊ Wind Ensemble
    • ◊ Wind Orchestra
    • ♦ Woodwind Ensemble
  • Acceptance into an ensemble is by audition and consent of the instructor.
  • Students must be enrolled for credit when participating in Music Department ensembles.
    • Exceptions must be approved by the Department Chair.
  • NOTE:      Although majors are encouraged to participate in Marching and Pep Bands, enrollment in those ensembles does not satisfy the ensemble participation requirement for music majors

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