Exceptional Consideration Policy and Procedures

Any student may request that an exception be made to Music Department standing policies and procedures provided that clearly documented exceptional conditions are provided by the student and the student's advocate as outlined on the Petition for Exceptional Consideration form (PDF).

It is the student's responsibility to begin the process by finding a faculty advocate who must be a full-time faculty member, who supports the merits of the student's petition and who is willing to speak on the student's behalf. Students must understand that no faculty member is required to serve as an advocate, and it is possible that NO faculty member will agree to serve. In such a situation, the “Petition for Exceptional Consideration” may not be submitted. If and once the student finds an advocate, the student fills out the information above the bold line and submits the form to the Department Chair.

If the Department Chair determines that consideration is warranted, (s)he will contact all parties impacted by the request, the advisor of the student, and other appropriate parties to help determine the final result. The Department Chair supplies the information below the bold line and has final decision authority.

When completed, the “Petition for Exceptional Consideration” form provides the documentation of an understanding and agreement of what the student and the faculty responsibilities and consequences are pertaining to the requested action.