Internal Transfers

The following is the policy the Music Department has established regarding applications for CHANGE OF MAJORS into our program.

  1. All applicants must have achieved a GPA in General Education (GE) courses of at least 2.5 and a current GPA of at least 2.0. Failure to meet either of these academic minimums renders the applicant ineligible until there is verification that minimum academic standards have been achieved. No students on academic probation will be considered.

  2. Applicants must have completed at least two academic music classes at Cal Poly earning grades of “B” or better (for example, MU 101 and MU 120).

  3. In addition to having completed a minimum of one quarter at Cal Poly, internal transfer applicants must also complete an ICMA (Individualized Change of Major Agreement) with their proposed major department. This ICMA will serve as a contract, and will be valid for no more than two quarters. Students must meet the requirements as set forth by each department and outlined in the ICMA by the end of this period in order to be accepted into the target major.

  4. All applicants must submit the Music Major Internal Transfer Application, also available in the department office, along with academic transcripts (unofficial printout of coursework from Poly Profile on the portal) to the department office. Grades for all college level course work will be reviewed, including work from the most recent quarter completed.

  5. In addition to the above, acceptance will be based on performance and successful demonstration of musical and technical proficiency at an audition with the music faculty.

  6. Auditions will be held on or around the 5th week of each quarter. Students should contact the department at the beginning of the quarter to schedule an audition time; all materials must be turned in prior to the audition.

  7. After the applicant has successfully met all of the requirements of the ICMA and the department, the Department Chair will approve the contract, which is then reviewed by the College of Liberal Arts.

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