2011 Spring Newsletter

Alumni Update

Keep in touch with your fellow alums!


Jeremy Daniel

(2001 Music [Voice], 1998-2001 PolyPhonics, Concert Choir, Vocal Jazz) I play guitar and sing in a band in the Seattle area that performs on the prison circuit. The band is called The Broken.

Jim (Gil) Gillivan

(1963 Bio, 1958-63 Collegians - guitar, MBOC) I'm still playing! Keeps me sane. Am with two big bands and occasional gigs with a singer and a trio. I still have my 1958 Gibson ES-140T, but mostly use a Heritage 575. Spent almost 34 years in the securities industry, all but 9 years with PaineWebber. I retired in 2002. Been married to my college sweetheart (Judy May, 1964 Elementary Education) for 29 years. Three daughters, four grand-daughters, one cat, one horse. Come see us at the Madonna Inn on August 27. The Collegians Alumni band is alive and kicking!

Barton W. Hendrix

(1968 Bio Sci, 1964-68 Marching Band and Symphonic Band) Retired high school teacher. Was the entire science department in a small high school (Denair, CA). Over the years taught biology, honors biology, chemistry, physics, general science, health and sex ed, first aid, algebra, photography, yearbook and computer literacy.

Spent eight years as chief negotiator and four years as president of Denair Unified Teachers' Association. Nominated by students to "Who's Who Among American Teachers" and, by returning the information card each year, gradually got promoted to "Who's Who in the World."

Currently playing clarinet in Amador County Concert Band. We were one of six community bands, from across the country, invited to play in a festival in Washington, D.C., summer of 2010. Our current director student taught under Marty Baum (after he left Poly). Our previous director (he stepped down in order to play more) played in the jazz band under Davy at the same time I was at Poly.

I currently have (and have had over the years) several former students attending Poly (they, of course, got no arm twisting from me). All are/have been very happy with the decision.

Annika Hoffman

(Animal Science, 2001-2006 Jazz Band, Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Brass Choir) I graduated from Western University of Health Sciences in 2010 and received my doctorate in veterinary medicine. I'm currently doing a residency in poultry health management and getting a master's in specialized veterinary medicine at North Carolina State University in Raleigh and will be done with the program in 2012. I'm currently active in singing in my church choir and occasionally playing trumpet in special church services.

Mari Mizutani

(1996 Music, 1991-1996 Chamber Orchestra) Hello Cal Poly! I've been married 13 years this August to Mark McConnell. We met in graduate school in University of New Mexico. Since then, we have been bi-coastal, living in Buffalo, NY, for a few years. Since 2002, we are in Redlands, CA, 3 kids later and still playing violin! Doing a lot of musical theater jobs around the SoCal area. You can see us in an upcoming PBS special, "Michael Llondra: Beyond Celtic!"