Applying for a Bachelor of Arts in Music

Application Guidelines and Required Materials

Please note: Qualifying applicants will be requested to submit an online supplemental application, around mid-January. If you have gone through Cal Poly's applicant process and meet Cal Poly's admissions selection criteria, you will be invited by the Music Department to schedule an in-person audition or submit a link to a YouTube video.

Fall 2017 auditions will be held on Saturday, Feb. 11, and Saturday, March 4, 2017. Application guidelines and required materials follow. Go to the the Cal Poly Admissions Office Website for more information about Cal Poly.

The deadline to submit all materials and to schedule an audition (if applicable) is Monday, Jan. 30.

The following materials are for students who have already applied to Cal Poly as Music Majors for Fall 2017. Students should not submit materials until they have been invited to do so.

  • Letter to applicant from department chair. Read the instructions in this letter carefully.

  • Letter of recommendation template (strongly recommended, not required)

  • Music Department supplementary application and scholarship form

    • The Admissions Office will email the link to the supplementary application/scholarship form to eligible applicants in January.
  • Music for auditions

    • copies of music to be performed
    • piano parts for students requesting an accompanist
  • Fundamentals of music notation assessment

    • A piano placement and a music theory placement assessment will be administered immediately after your audition. Students submitting DVD recordings are required to take these same placements/assessments via Skype and other means and will be contacted by music faculty for scheduling purposes.
  • Transfer applicants

    Accepted transfer students should take theory, musicianship and piano placement exams prior to fall registration